Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Than Butterflies

I'm not ready for winter. So, I spend my time looking back at the photos I took over those warm summer months. While you might not realize it from my blogs, there were more than butterflies in my garden.  I also found these beautiful beetles I'd never seen before. They're milkweed beetles.  And each one seems to have a different pattern on its back.

Then there were the grasshoppers.
What big teeth you have, my dear.

And the green tomatoes.  It was the first year I'd ever tried growing tomatoes and not all of them turned red. So there was another first -- green fried tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

you are so good. love all of these, but those maters are especially spectacular with the water droplets.


Marilyn V. said...

Thanks! I think the next photos I post may be snowflakes!