Saturday, March 12, 2011

No matter where you travel, there are always signs to point the way.  

They tell us what not to do.

They tell us where to go.

Or where not to go.

I collected a lot of photos of signs in Switzerland, mostly because they were different than what I see at home.  Here's a sign of sorts advertising a bakery and coffee shop. It looks like the Loch Ness Croissant waiting to pounce on the next hapless customer that passes through the cafe's door.

And Ladies (or men), in case you were thinking of doing some hiking along this path (9,000 feet above sea level) in your high heels, here's a sign to discourage you.

I never did hear an echo, but not for want of trying.

The train station in Lucerne had a McClean toilet.  It cost me 2 Swiss Francs to use (about $2) and was, by far, the cleanest facility I've ever been in.  I wish I had taken photos inside, but matron on duty was a bit intimidating.  

It took me a few days of sightseeing to figure out what the little running white man meant -- I can only plead jet lag.

And Master Yoda, please note, Dagoba is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

But sometimes it wasn't so much what the sign said as where it was located.

Thanks for visiting and have a good trip!

I'm not kidding, that is what it says.