Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning Patience

Yesterday morning I was letting the dogs out and noticed a rabbit huddled in the sun next to the house. Not wanting to disturb him, I ushered my clueless canines into the house and went about my day. At noon another puppy bathroom call took me outside and the little bunny was still there. This time I brought my camera and took some pictures. He didn't move a muscle. Two hours later he was still there. The last time I checked on him the sun had set and he was still there.
As I rushed through the day today, overwhelmed by what I need to get done, I thought of my little brown friend. I don't know if he was getting his daily dose of vitamin D, or was just enjoying summer's last hurrah. That's when I decided to kick back and relax. If a rabbit can sit in a garden an entire day without moving, I guess I can enjoy the here and now for at least an hour. So I'm kicking back, enjoying a cup of cider and enjoying the rest of the day.

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