Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 3

The Timberline Inn where we stayed was great. It has that log cabin look and we had a balcony overlooking a tree line of white birch and oak trees. It was quiet and I really wish I could have stayed a couple of extra nights.

Breakfast was back at the Little Bohemia Lodge. I think they had it in for us there. Last night we had dinner, which was very good, but we noticed that all the other tables had baskets of bread. We didn't. And this morning with my pancakes I got one of those little containers of syrup, like the ones you get at McDonalds. All the other diners had bottles of syrup on the table. Weird.

Around lunch time we headed toward Ashland and Bayfield, Wisconsin. As I had once lived in Ashland, it was like going home. But my, things can change in 15 years. More big box stores have moved in, while a lot of the little shop owners had moved out leaving emply store fronts. I stopped by the home of an old friend, hoping to suprise her, but as I suspected she was at work and we couldn't stay.

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