Thursday, July 16, 2009

Richard Castle in Print

If you've been following "Castle" on ABC, and wonder if best-selling author Richard Castle is as good as he thinks he is -- as a writer, I mean -- you'll soon be able to find out. Castle's protagonist, Nikki Heat, will be making her literary debut on August 10. That's when ABC will begin running the first half of Heat Wave. For 10 weeks, a chapter a week will be revealed to eager readers. No word as of yet as to who is ghost writing the book, but on September 29, it will be available in print (at favorite bookstores everywhere I presume). The publishing date coincides with Castle's first episode of season 2. This is all part of ABC's efforts to tap into the amazing power of online social groups to support a show which hasn't been doing that well in the ratings. It's a great show, one of my favorites, and I applaude the network for getting behind it and not cancelling it at the first sign of trouble. Check the show out at

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